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Dental Tourism

Why do you choose Sok Chea Dental Clinic as your Dental Tourism?

Dental Tourism is a new word in Tourism Industry which encompasses so many other teams like Medical Travel. Surgical Tourism, Heath Travel and Healthcare abroad.

Medical Tourism came in to existence as an innocative and new concept that people are crossing geographical borders to seek good medical, orthopedic, dental and cosmetic 

treatments through experienced and expert surgeon.


Benefits of Dental Tourism in Cambodia

Why Sok Chea Dental Clinic (SCDC) is a Dental Tourism Destination?

  • Low Cost....

Sok Chea Dental Clinic (SCDC) offers you the most competitive treatment at a reasonable cost. Due to the low labor and administrative costs, it is posible in Cambodia to offer

top quality care in comparative lower costs.

  • Superior Quality....

The dentists and the dental surgeons at Sok Chea Dental Clinic are known for their excellent quality of work, This quality will be equal or even superior to what people get in some countries around Cambodia. The dental care centers at Sok Chea Dental Clinic have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments Providing patients comfortable and painless dental treatments. Thus the patients get satisfactory results and that too in much lesser costs than they would have spent in the dental clinics in USA, Australia and Europe.

  • Treatment and Travel.....

While the primary motivation of the patiens is affordable dental care, but for some people it is dental visit combined with traveling.

The lower cost treatment and traveling in Cambodia invites many people from oceans apart and get benifits from it immensely. The Dental treatment that the people from  USA, UK and other Uuropean countries recieve in Cambodia charge the patient a mere fraction of what they have to pay in their own contry. For Example, When dental treatment cost at Sok Chea Dental Clinic in Cambodia are compair to similar procedure in the US or the UK, they are lower by at least 70 to 90%.

The Dental in US, UK & Europ can charge $200 to $300 for a Dental Filling, which it cost only $25 at SCDC in Cambodia. The charge of the Root Canal Treatment in the West are $600 and it is only $70 to $100 at SCDC in Cambodia. Dentures can cost $1000 in USA, UK and Europ but only $300 at SCDC in Cambodia. Dental Implant can cost $2500 in USA, UK and Europe but only $1000 at Sok Chea Dental Clinic in Cambodia.

All Though Cambodia is not English speaking contry, our most of the medical staff in Cambodia, especially our doctor at SCDC can communicate in English and Chinese. If you are interested at our dental care centers, we can arrange affordable accommodation near by the Clinic. Enjoy your stay in Cambodia and see it by your self !!!!!!!!

For more then ten years, seven different implant have been place at Sok Chea Dental Clinic. We have had the opportunity to critically access these systems with our long team clinical experiences and supported by evidence based literature reviewd. At Sok Chea Dental Clinic, all implant treatment procedures are base on Panoramic X-ray, Lateral Cephalogram and CT scan.